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IPSCOM - One of Singapore's leading 3PL players

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Third-party logistics providers (3PL) are widely used by businesses in Singapore and globally. 3PL refers to any third-party business used to outsource any part of a company’s distribution or fulfilment services. This includes supply chain management, distribution, warehousing, transportation, and more. With the right 3PL company, eCommerce businesses can scale up and optimise their supply chain management and logistics approach, which cuts down on unnecessary costs, ensures business operations run smoothly and keeps customers happy.

If you’re thinking about using a 3PL Provider for your eCommerce business in Singapore, we are one of the best suited for your eCommerce businesses.


Established in 1968, we are one of the leading provider of supply chain solutions for brand owners with a global presence, including Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and India.

We help brand owners, retailers, and online sellers to streamline their logistics and distribution operations. With our one-stop supply chain management services, we are able to provide optimised and integrated solutions to meet customers' business requirements based on maximised efficiency and minimised cost.

Services include:

  • Supply chain management

  • Vendor managed inventory

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Order fulfilment

  • Logistics management

  • eCommerce Services

  • Assembly & Pack

  • Printing Services

  • Optical Media Replication

  • Returnable Packaging

IPSCOM Pte.Ltd. 34 Boon Leat Terrace, #02-01 Singapore 119866 Tel: +65 6298 3800 Fax: +65 6297 1668 Email:

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