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Aerial Photo of a Factory

IPSCOM is equipped with a full suite of manufacturing capabilities that caters to a wide range of printed products and replication of media - USB / CD / DVD. We offer Vendor Managed Inventory services to build a stock of manufactured products and support our customers with JIT deliveries.

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Turnkey Printed Packaging 

IPSCOM provides In-House Services for -

  • Pre-press - We have the ability to perform pre-press activities including Digital Proofing, Pre-flight capabilities & FTP capabilities

  • Press - We are equipped with a fleet of high precision sheet-fed printing machines ranging from 1 to 5 colours, with UV or aqueous coating. 

  • Post-press and Packaging - For packaging products, we are equipped with auto die-cutting, Sheet laminators and folder/gluing machines. We have the ability to perform saddle-wire, perfect binding services. We are able to provide lamination / coating services to enhance the quality and appearance of the printed product.

Committed to

  • Fully equipped quality labs

  • Stringent in-house checks to ensure the quality of incoming raw materials as well as of the outgoing finished product(s)

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Packaging Value Engineering

  • How do we Optimize Value for our customers print products .....

    • By working on cost/benefit analysis & environmental impact

    • By assessing & fine-tuning key elements

      • Re-sizing/Re-structuring to reduce RM costs

      • Reducing SKU proliferation

      • Coatings, lamination & other finishing techniques

      • Fine tuning Shipping, freight & Storage logistics

    • Periodic assessment at optimum time intervals to ensure continuous improvement.

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Media Duplicators with CRC Tester

Turnkey Media Replication

  • FTP services for Master downloads

  • Replication services offered for -

    • USB of different formats​

    • CD

    • DVD 5

    • DVD 9

  • Screen & Inkjet Printing

  • Stringent Quality Checks

  • Secure Storage for all Masters

  • Stringent controls in place to protect customer IP

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