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Bring Medical Grade Air Purifier to your Home & Office

Leave nothing to chance and amp up protection during this global pandemic!

IPSCOM is collaborating with MayAir to bring their Antimicrobial Filtration Technology to you!

Apart from that, MayAir AP401 is also enhanced with Nano-Photocatalytic UV Sterilization and Negative Ionizer which can further purify, remove dust, deodorize, and sterilize the air stream.

As healthcare facilities such as hospitals and medical clinics rely heavily on infection controls to ensure both the health of the patients and staff are well-protected, that's why MayAir AP401 has always been the experts' top pick!

So, if you’re looking for a compact air purifier to enjoy the clarity of purified air with each breath

you take, why not consider the MayAir’s AP401 Air Purifier?

Limited stocks are available in Singapore! Fastest Fingers First! Contact us today!

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